Build Your Very Own Dream Store That Makes Sales Every Single Day & Creates the Freedom You Desire


Have You Ever Wanted Just To Be A Digital Nomad & Travel Whenever, ... Wherever ?


Just Looking For More Freedom & Financial Independence ?
Then I can help YOU... 😉

Let Digital Global Nomads help you build you the online store of your dreams. Choose from an Amazon, Walmart, or Shopify automation and launch your online business.

Why An Amazon, Walmart, or Shopify PARTNERSHIP Is Pretty Much The BEST INVESTMENT You Can Make...

Not only are these platforms offer THE BIGGEST MARKETPLACE with unlimited potential.

But they are STORE AUTOMATIONS meaning we COMPLETELY run your store for you...

The only thing You do is make sure there is enough money to purchase products & watch the SALES come IN…

Did you know that Walmart does 14% of the revenue of Amazon with only 1.5% of the competition?

Plus the margins are around 20-25% on sales meaning you have up to 30-40% ROI.

Did you also know that Amazon is still considered the biggest marketplace out there?

They have lots of products to list and compete with and lots of sellers and buyers.

Even their margins are thinner (around 10-15% on sales & 15-25% on ROI) & the competition is fierce it is still the largest so we can make 100K in sales a month easily if you have the credit for it.

It is definitely my 2nd choice to diversify & I recommend selling on both platforms if you are up for it.

Still wondering if an online marketplace is the right choice for you?

Let me sum things up for you ;

We are selling on WALMART Marketplace now as they currently bring in 14% of the sales that AMAZON does, but just around 2% of the competition at the moment... 

  • No Inventory as this is Dropshipping
  • Wayyy less strict
  • NO SUSPENSIONS as of now
  • No returns charges
  • No monthly platform fee atm
  • Higher margins SO MORE PROFITS
  • Less competition
  • Up to 45% ROI 

but we are still killing it with amazon dropshipping !!!!

  • Still Biggest Marketplace with practically unlimited sales
  • Easy to get approved
  • Around 20% ROI
  • Killer Team being very meticulous & maintains Perfect Account Health & Metrics
  • Only 40-200 products need to be listed to make 100-200k a month in sales. 

Here’s What’s Included In Our Services Whether You Choose An Amazon, Walmart, Or Shopify Partnership:

  • Product Research & Listing
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing & Repricing
  • Confirm Shipments & Tracking
  • Returns & Exemptions
  • Defense A-Z claims & charge backs
    Handle other claims like Infringements etc.
  • Authorize Returns
  • Optimized Feedback Service
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Tax Exemption Service ( additional cost )
  • Direct Access To Your Team Manager & CS Assistant
  • Extra Cash-Backs & Price Protection Refunds
  • No Outrageous Yearly Renewal Fees ( Just a small yearly 5% bonus on the profits if, or as soon as the team realised at least 100K in Profits )
  • Special Discounted Group Rates for Our Reinstatement Expert Partners ( Only needed for Amazon at the moment but very unlikely with my new teams )
  • Option To Add Other Platforms & Diversify
    In- House Funding Partners & Daily
  • Advance Possibilities ( Like Payability but cheaper ) To Scale

have our own BETTER alternative to Payability!!!
We can get practically anyone approved !!!

Check out how some clients are already doing through our partnerships

Michael R.
Walmart & Amazon Stores

Mike B.
Walmart & Amazon Stores

20k USD Profits In The First 2 Months Selling On Walmart

59% Roi
Selling On Walmart !!!

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Still not convinced?

Let Me Build Your Very Own Dream Store That Makes Sales Every Single Day and Creates the Freedom You Desire