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You Have Big Goals,
Dreams, & A Lot of Ambition

...but like anything, you’ve discovered it’s easier said than done

Let me ask you…

  • Do you find yourself asking how you can build a profitable online store?
  • Do you need help setting realistic goals with your store?
  • Are you tired of watching other people make money with Walmart / Amazon / Shopify while wondering how you can get a piece of the E-Com pie?
  • Are you struggling to find new customers & make sales?
  • Do you need help building, growing, & scaling your store?

Then I Can Help You Change The Way You Take On E-Com

I have suffered through & seen every E-Com problem that you can think of, and learning from it. Because I have experienced this, I understand what you might be experiencing right now & know how to take your E-com Store from a difficult situation & go on and build a 6 -Figure Empire.

I can help you go from where you are to where you want to be if you're willing to allow me to show you the way.

Because if you’re willing, you’re going to get the full support & assistance of my expert team to run everything for you.

Are You Ready To Take On E-Com?

If so, I’ve been looking for YOU , so let’s talk.

And if you’re reading this right now, it means we have a special connection, although we are meeting for the first time…

You see, we share similar goals… FREEDOM !

And you’re here because you’re done settling for less when you know you can have ( WAY ) more. You want to succeed & enjoy all that life has to offer and you want to be financially independent.

The only thing you’re likely missing is the ‘How-to part’.

And that means we’re on the same page, and you don’t need to tread this path alone…

Because the easiest way to meet up with your business & financial goals is to seek guidance from those who have gone ahead of you & completed this journey… 

...Who have achieved financial freedom & can help show you the way to do the same.

About Digital Global Nomads

Digital Global Nomads presents the first Multi-Platform Automation Service offering WALMART, AMAZON & SHOPIFY E-STORE setup.


We’re here to help businesses seize a unique window of OPPORTUNITY to be able to sell on Walmart Marketplace & bring in 14% of the sales that Amazon does with only 1-2 % of the competition ( for now) !

Meet The Founder Of Digital Global Nomads, Serioja Glorie

Serioja Glorie is an enthusiastic Serial entrepreneur.

His automation service journey started through his personal success & demands by others to tread similar paths that yielded positive results.

Over the years he has managed to break barriers by learning how to navigate through an ever-evolving landscape that has helped to grow & establish a new formula.

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What We Do

Our services include helping you maintain thriving Walmart / Amazon / Shopify Partnerships to ensure that your investment turns into a passive & profitable income.

With the Automations, we can ensure your store is run for you.

This includes:

  • Product Research & Listing
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing & Repricing
  • Confirming Shipments & Tracking
  • Confirming Shipments & Tracking
  • Sending SKU for return Exemption
  • Handling other claims like Infringements etc.
  • Authorizing Returns
  • Optimized Feedback Service
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Tax Exemption Service
  • Direct Access To Your Manager & VA's
  • Extra Cash-Backs & Price Protection Refunds
  • Special Discounted Group Rates for Our Reinstatement Expert Partners
  • Option To Add Other Platforms & Diversify 
  • Best Funding & Scaling 

Results, Case Studies & Success Stories

Michael R.
Walmart & Amazon Stores

Mike B.
Walmart & Amazon Stores

20k uSD profits in the first 2 months selling on walmart

59% roi
selling on walmart !!!

amazon automation clients proof !! 54k day !!

54 k day
with amazon dropshipping !!!

33k Profits In First 4 Months Of Selling On Amazon & Walmart

22k day - 99k week - 125k in 13 days with amazon dropshipping

Tim Cunningham,
Walmart Seller Marketplace 92K profits in 4months ???

The Walmart Opportunity

The Walmart Opportunity September

make 10 - 20k a month selling on walmart marketplace ?

Partner with us

Allow us to personally work one-on-one with you in your business to help you automate your e-com store & transform it in a 100 k/month store over the next 12 months!

  • I have launched over 200 stores & some stealth accounts from scratch in three different Ecom industries ( Amazon, Walmart & Shopify )
  • Each has gone on to bring in over 7-figures in revenue which has enabled me to build my dream lifestyle…
  • ...AND now I get to PAY IT FORWARD in a bigger & better way.

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